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Dental consultation

dental implants

We invite you for a dental check up

Leave behind your fear of the dentist! Come and meet us and you will feel relaxed with us from the very beginning.

The dental check up is the first contact that you have with your dentist. This stage is very important because, if not done, the dentist could not determine a diagnosis required for a treatment plan.

The check up consists as well of a friendly and pleasant talk with the dentist in which you can tell him all the reasons that brought you to our clinic, what kind of dental treatments have you undergone until now (if applicable) and other details about your health. This way you will get a patient information form (if it’s your first visit at our clinic) which will help us to monitor all the treatments you will be receiving.

During the check up, you will get comfortable in the dental chair for the examination of your oral cavity. The dentist will use an intra-oral camera, if it is the case, for determining with accuracy which are the problems which require medical attention.

After this examination, the dentist will suggest a treatment plan. It will contain all that needs to be done in your oral cavity but also the necessary treatments for achieving the desired outcome - the remedy for all your dental problems and preventing their worsening.

Zircomed Dental benefits from DENTAL UNITS provided with modern systems that help the treating of our patients at the most high quality standards. These units offer ergonomics both for the dentists and for the patients of our clinic. Attached to the dental unit is the INTRAORAL CAMERA that facilitate the examination of the patient. This way the patient will understand more easily the situation from his/her oral cavity and the treatment plan suggested by the dentist.

Our clinic gives maximum attention to the safety of our patients, the sterilisation being done with the help of the autoclave. Our electronic system monitors the sterilisation process, whose parameters are always verified. During a treatment session and a check up are used only bavetes, glasses, needles, gloves and disposable suction devices.

Regardless of the fact that you are at your first visit at Zircomed Dental Constanta or you are an established patient, we will treat your case with maximum seriousness and professionalism. You will find, after your dental check up, all the details of your case, the necessary solutions and all the costs implied.

We invite you to our clinic for a pleasant experience in our dental chair.

Schedule an appointment for a dental check up or in case of a dental emergency, you can contact us at any hour.