Endodontics and endodontic treatment

The endodontic treatment is one of the most common dental medical procedures and it consists of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp of the tooth, also known as the nerve. Which is why the endodontic treatment is also known as “pulp treatment”.

There are several causes that can lead to the injury or infection of the tooth pulp, such as deep or large cavities, trauma to the teeth or periodontal disease; that is why various dental treatments are applied to keep the tooth in the oral cavity. Because the pulp has an essential role in the growth and maturation of the tooth and also in its normal functioning.

What does the endodontic treatment involve?

The purpose of the endodontic treatment is to keep the tooth in the oral cavity and to ensure its proper functioning.

And because we always aim to save the natural tooth, at Zircomed Dental we apply a series of methods by which we clean the channel system inside the root of the affected tooth, removing all bacteria and sealing the area with biocompatible materials.

The endodontic treatment is performed using new rotary methods, techniques and materials. The preparation of the root canal is done with the help of an endo motor, which make it possible to instrument and clean the canal of pulp debris, even in case of the teeth with curved canals.

Why choose an endodontic treatment at Zircomed Dental?

Our doctors specialized in endodontics show rigor for each and every patient and dental case. And the professionalism and skill of our doctors is complemented by the use of high-performance, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a complete treatment and an accurate diagnosis.

Through everything we do, we put the patient first and offer him a painless treatment. And even if each person perceives the level of pain differently, together we can find a way to endure endodontic treatments.

The endodontic treatment at Zircomed Dental

If you want to understand the details of an endodontic treatment performed in our clinic, we will explain it for you, step by step.

For canal treatments we use magnifying glasses, apex locator and the above mentioned endo motor; the benefits of using dental magnifiers in endodontic treatments are related to optics and ergonomics. Optical extension systems allow us easy access in the analysis of the entire operating field, diagnosis accuracy, and all these, make high-quality results possible.

In the treatment of the canals, we use the apex locator to determine the position of the apical foramen and the length of the endodontic space. The use of the locating apex eliminates the possibility of incomplete endodontic treatment, which can lead to complications.

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