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Pediatric Dentistry

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Pedodontics - for the health of kids’ denture

From an early age, it is important that parents together with their children to visit the dentist because the little ones have to familiarize with the environment surrounding a dental clinic, so they are not too scared when coming to the dentist. This way the kids will understand that the dentists are not evil and will not harm them.

Zircomed Dental handles the branch of pedodontics because we wish to help children and teenagers to overcome their dental problems and also to prevent unexpected visits to our clinic in the future. Besides treating the problems of temporary and permanent denture, we teach the little ones prophylactic methods, so they do not need to come too often to our clinic.

Because the kids’ oral problems differ from the ones that adults have, we have specialised in pedodontics and we have created a friendly environment in which the children can feel safe and comfortable.

Pedodontics. Types of treatment

The most important thing for children’s oral health is prevention, such as:

  •  sealing - a simple and painless procedure which consists of the isolation of the dental surface from the bacteria inside the oral cavity in order to prevent caries from forming;
  •  fluoridation - a prophylactic method when treating caries which means forming a barrier between the tooth and bacteria responsible with caries;
  •  cleaning - if there are areas prone to gathering food or areas affected by caries, they should be cleaned to avoid infections.

Treatments can also imply the curing of existing problems - fillings, endodontic treatments on the canal, extractions.

The technique of dental sealing

The sealing procedure always starts with a professional brushing, with non-abrasive toothpaste, for the removal of bacterial plaque. The cleaned tooth is isolated and is dried with absorbent band-aids. Next step is to apply an etch, which is a liquid with 30-50% phosphoric acid. It must stay on the permanent teeth 1 minute or 2 minutes on the milk teeth.

Next it follows the washing of the tooth for 15 seconds, with water jet, then the drying with air. Afterwards, the sealing agent is applied, that it will be polymerized with ultraviolet lamp for 10-20 seconds so it gets hard. At the end, the dentist checks using a piece of occlusion foil the height of the sealing.

We may recommend extended sealing, in case the enamel in the teeth is injured. This type of sealing requires, first of all, that the injured enamel to be removed, followed by the sealing procedure.

After this procedure, the patient is allowed to eat and drink without the risk to accumulate food in the sealed area. As a general rule, in the case of children, the milk teeth should be sealed because they pose a higher risk in the face of caries.

The life span of a sealing is between 2 to 5 years. During this time we recommend at least a visit at the dentist to examine the sealer’s integrity.

At Zircomed we ensure both you and your child a friendly environment. Our dentists are as friendly as they come and they always pay attention to details so they solve every problem. Discover a unique way to be treated at the dentist.

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