From OUCH! to WOW! in the nick of time

NON-STOP dentistry at the highest standards


Zircomed Dental is the non-stop dental clinic in Constanța that stands by you whenever you want an extraordinary smile.


Availability 24/7

We turn any dental problem you may have into a healthy and beautiful smile, in the nick of time.

High standards

The quality of our dental services is a priority, we use modern techniques and equipment.

Dedicated doctors

We treat dental emergencies or ongoing dental treatments with the same commitment and involvement.

Anytime you want a great smile

We offer non-stop complete dental services for all family members, regardless of age or the problems they face.

Dental emergencies



Prosthetic dentistry


Dental Aesthetics

It is vital to have a healthy smile

but you can only obtain it through the dental treatment you need. Perhaps dental services such as endodontics, dental prosthetics, dental surgery, orthodontics, periodontology, dental implantology, pedodontics, dental aesthetics or facial aesthetics do not tell you much. Therefore, we are waiting for you at a dental check-up where we will explain everything you need to know about the right dental treatment for you.

In those moments in which a tooth pain is too powerful to postpone its treatment

you are more relaxed to know that there is a non-stop dental clinic in Constanța. Whenever you have a dental emergency, there is a dental clinic open 24/7 for you.