Pediatric Dentistry

Pedodontics – for the health of children’s teeth

Have you ever thought about how important it is to come to our clinic with your children, even from an early age? This is how the little ones get acquainted with the instruments, the specific smell and the atmosphere of a dental office and understand that the visit to the dentist is not a danger for them, and they should not be afraid of the dental check-up.

The most important treatments for children are the preventive ones such as:

  • sealing – a simple and painless procedure that isolates the tooth surface from the environment of the oral cavity to prevent the formation of cavities;
  • fluoridation – a method of prophylaxis in the treatment of dental caries that consists in creating a barrier between the tooth and the factors that cause caries
  • cleaning – if there are areas prone to gathering food or areas affected by caries, they should be cleaned to avoid infections

Treatments can also remedy existing problems, such as dental fillings, endodontic treatments on the canal or extractions.

Pedodontics treatments and pediatric dentistry at Zircomed Dental

To help children and teenagers prevent and effectively treat their dental problems, we offer pediatric dentristry services in our clinic.

We specialize in pediatric dentistry to help young people through treatments such as prophylaxis and treatment of temporary and permanent dentition. We have also struggled to create a pleasant ambience in our office so that the little ones feel comfortable and safe.

The pedodontics treatment at Zircomed Dental

To understand how a pedodontics treatment is carried out in our clinic, we will offer the example of the dental sealing procedure, one of the most common among our younger patients.

The sealing procedure always begins with a professional brushing, with non-abrasive paste, to remove the bacterial plaque. The cleaned tooth is insulated and dried using absorbent band-aids. The next step is to apply an etching acid, which is a solution with 30-50% phosphoric acid for 1 minute on permanent teeth and 2 minutes on baby teeth.

This is followed by brushing the tooth for 15 seconds with a jet of water, then drying it with air. Afterwards, the liquid sealant is applied, which is then polymerized with an ultraviolet lamp for 10-20 seconds to harden. Finally, the doctor checks the height of the seal using a joint paper.

After completing the procedure, the patient can consume food and fluids, without the risk of accumulating debris in the area that has been sealed. In general, in the case of children, baby teeth are sealed, because they have a higher degree of risk of caries.

The life span of sealing is between 2 and 5 years. During this time we recommend at least a visit at the dentist to examine the sealer’s integrity.

Bring your child to our clinic for a check-up.