Dental emergency

Quick appointment for emergency dentistry

When you have a dental emergency, you want to find a clinic that offers non-stop dental services as soon as possible. Call us at 0799 48 48 48 and talk to our doctor about your dental emergency. He will confirm how quickly he can see you for an emergency medical consultation at our clinic.

Zircomed Dental is a dental clinic in Constanta open 24/7 for you. We offer dental emergency services for those moments in which the tooth pain becomes unbearable and you can’t ignore it anymore.

At Zircomed Dental we treat dental emergencies with the same dedication and involvement as we treat any procedure. Whether you are experiencing a dentoalveolar trauma, dislocation, dental fissure, hemorrhage, dental avulsion, loss of a filling or problems with the dental brace, our doctors will offer you the right treatment for your dental emergency.

Since pain is what brought you to our non-stop clinic, the first step in our treatment is to eliminate the pain and stop the unpleasant sensation. We will then prepare the treatment plan together if your dental emergency requires another session for a particular treatment such as extractions, implants, prosthetics or periodontology.

Unable to call us now? Fill in the form below, and we will call you to schedule an emergency check-up.