Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics – all you need for a healthy and pristine white smile

Dental aesthetics is a speciality of dental dentistry that aims to identify solutions for problems related to oral health and aesthetic harmony of teeth.

Why choose Zircomed Dental cosmetic services?

With healthy teeth, you can face life’s challenges more easily. We all need to smile and laugh every day in order to have a healthy life and fight stress.

You should never refuse to smile. However, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, if you do not like their colour, if you have one or more missing teeth or if they are simply crooked or spaced, then we recommend you visit us and identify the best solution for these problems.

How does a dental aesthetic treatment at Zircomed Dental work?

After a thorough medical examination of the oral cavity, our doctors can establish a diagnosis and a treatment plan that involves one of the following solutions:

  • Ceramic dental crowns – an artificial coating cemented on a tooth with dental problems. The crowns are fixed on dental implants and take the shape of natural teeth.
  • Dental inlays – prosthetic works made of various materials (gold, ceramic, composite) that adapt to a prepared carious cavity.
  • Dental veneers – thin structures applied by cementation on the natural tooth, having an extraordinary resistance.
  • Implants – artificial roots that are applied on a missing tooth, in the mandibular or maxillary bone.
  • Professional whitening treatments – thorough teeth cleaning through a bicarbonate jet, a substance that favors oxidation or activations through light systems.

Shiny teeth are obtained with the help of a LED whitening lamp and laser. The LED whitening lamp has been developed to emit light at an optimal spectrum for activating the whitening gel. The results can be seen in a matter of minutes and brings multiple benefits to our patients.

It can reduce anxiety in patients who do not feel comfortable in the presence of a dental turbine. Besides, laser operations have a much shorter recovery time, and post-operative pain and inflammation are minimal. Due to the strong energy beam, the laser can sterilize the operating field, reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

We also pay special attention to the hygiene of the oral cavity and for this, we use AIR FLOW, a modern device used for cleaning teeth, after ultrasonic dental descaling and professional brushing were performed. This device is recommended for patients who have dental discolouration due to the consumption of tobacco, coffee and it is used to achieve perfect interdental cleaning, in ditches and dimples or for patients with fixed prosthetic works.

We are constantly looking for the latest technologies and treatments for our patients. This is why we use AQUACARE, a piece of equipment used in less invasive dental treatments, that uses the abrasive technique with fluid. AquaCare can be used as well for cleaning and stain removal from dental surfaces, in treating cracks, in preparing dental cavities and for the removal of composite restorations.

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