About us

Zircomed Dental – modern dental services for the entire family

Since 2017, Zircomed Dental offers complete non-stop dental services in Constanta for anyone, regardless of the age.

Dedicated team

Our dentists are up to date with the latest technologies and trends in order to offer high-quality services. Through the professionalism, attention to detail and patience of our doctors, the patients benefit from the most modern and high-performance treatments.

Moreover, the activity of our doctors is complemented by the services of dental technicians, nurses and surgeons with extensive experience in the field.

Modern clinic

At Zircomed Dental clinic, the quality of dental services is definitely a priority. We use modern techniques and equipments to provide our patients with the best quality treatments and procedures.

Every patient who arrives in our clinic is equally important to us. Whether you are with us for the first time or you are a loyal customer, you will receive the same attention and dedication from our staff.

Healthy smile without pain

Together we will establish a personalized dental treatment plan, we will explain all the necessary procedures to you and we are at your disposal for any question you have, so that in the end you leave with an aesthetic and healthy smile. 

Our mission is to help you smile without pain and the full range of services we offer makes it possible. Our services include dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, dental prosthetics, dental aesthetics, oral surgery, implantology and facial aesthetics.

Availability 24/7

Zircomed Dental Clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to treat any patient who has a problem that cannot be postponed.

You receive the same attention and dedication from our doctors and the same quality of services as any patient of the clinic.

Regardless of your medical emergency, whether it is a toothache or a dental crack, take advantage of the emergency service offered by our clinic. On-duty doctors are available at any time to help you get rid of the pain.

Are you ready for a healthy smile? Contact us and make an appointment!