Dental surgery

Dental surgery – the latest treatments

Complicated dental cases often require the intervention of a surgeon, so at Zircomed Dental, the surgeon plays an essential part.

The main goal of our surgeons is to achieve the desired results, causing as little discomfort as possible. We always try to fix complex problems without the need for extra care or treatment after the surgical procedure.

Our dental surgery services are various and depend on the established treatment plan after the dental consultation. This way, each time our doctors diagnose a problem, this is established after thorough investigations.

Depending on the diagnosis, our doctors establish a treatment plan that may include dentoalveolar surgery procedures.

What types of surgery are performed at Zircomed Dental?

In our clinic, we perform the following treatments:

  • tooth extraction – in the case the tooth cannot be saved;
  • dental bridge or implant – to replace the extracted tooth;
  • apical resections – cleaning and treating the canals by removing the root tip;
  • cystectomies – treatment of surgical root cysts;
  • premolars;
  • periodontal surgery;
  • alveolectomy extractions;
  • incision of perishable abscesses

We also perform surgical interventions that aid both the insertion of dental implants and mobile prosthesis.

Together we will find the surgical treatment you need! Schedule an appointment!