Dental implants

Professional dental implants in Constanta, Romania

A dental implant is a permanent treatment solution that replaces one or more missing teeth and restores their natural aesthetic functionality.

In case you lose one or more teeth, not only the oral cavity is affected, but the whole body. For starters, mastication and facial aesthetics are affected, and in the long run, the structure of the face changes by resorbing the jawbones, which can lead to social problems.

Moreover, muscular pain can appear at head level, premature fatigue, pains and general discomfort in the whole body. So why not avoid all these problems with a simple, painless and quick treatment?

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in the place of a missing tooth, in the mandibular or maxillary bone. Currently, it is considered the most efficient solution for teeth replacement.

The dental implant consists of three components:

The implant: made of medical titanium, which fuses with the bone tissue.
Prosthetic abutment: fixed above the gum, it is a link between the implant and the crown.
Dental crown that represents the restoration of the missing tooth out of ceramic or zirconium and it adds a natural look to the denture.

The benefits of a dental implant at Zircomed Dental

A dental implant is much stronger and resistant than natural teeth and can bring advantages such as:

  • prevents the teeth from moving
  • stops bone atrophy
  • prevents gingival resorption
  • your body will recognise it as its natural tooth
  • it gives you the smile and confidence you need
  • improves diction and mastication
  • it is more effective than fixed bridges and prostheses

Taking into account all these reasons, all you need to do is schedule a consultation with our implantologist.

What does a dental implant insertion procedure consist in at Zircomed Dental?

Thanks to modern dental techniques and equipment used in our office, patients benefit from a painless dental implant in a short time. Thus, a natural appearance of the teeth is obtained, without discomfort.

The procedure of inserting the dental implant does not need to sacrifice the teeth around. Though it will take 3 sessions to insert the dental implant, in the first session, the patient will be locally anaesthetized. After that, the implantologist will make an incision in the gum to the bone to insert the implant and the prosthetic abutment. With the help of post-operative drug treatment, the patient will have a comfortable experience even after the end of the anaesthesia effect.

Immediately after completing the dental implant stages at Zircomed Dental, you will not feel the difference between your natural teeth and implant. If you want to enjoy a good functioning of the oral cavity even in the case of losing one or more teeth, contact us for an appointment!

We look forward to your visits, even if it is for a dental emergency!