Periodontology – for healthy gums

You’ve probably heard it many times in toothpaste commercials: “If gingival bleeding occurs while brushing your teeth, you should see your dentist.”

These bleeding can be the beginning of a problem that can affect your teeth over time, a problem called periodontitis. The periodontal disease is one of the most common dental conditions and it can be identified by inflammation and redness of the soft tissue surrounding the gums.

This is a dangerous condition that destroys the tissue around the tooth. Basically, due to the germs, the gums are attacked and this leads, over time, to tooth loss.

The best way to prevent periodontitis is through proper dental hygiene, but especially through regular dental scaling. Because the professional scaling or brushing at the dentist removes the bacterial plaque and tartar deposits that cannot be removed by regular toothbrushing.

Because the best treatment has always been prevention, we recommend that you pay us a visit even if you do not feel gum pain while brushing your teeth. Only a thorough examination during the consultation can determine the cause of the pain and/or bleeding.

Why should you come and visit us from the first signs?

The importance of impeccable hygiene both at home and at the dentist’s office must be understood by the patient, in order to prevent the occurrence of other diseases caused by bacterial plaque. Usually, gingival bleeding is the first sign of periodontitis.

That’s why our treatments help you to:

  • keep your teeth (the main purpose of periodontology)
  • get rid of gingival bleeding
  • remove bacteria from around the teeth, which can affect the gums
  • fight bad breath
  • maintain a pleasant appearance of the teeth and gums

Each treatment depends on the stage of the patient’s disease. Our periodontists will study and treat gum and tissue damage to your teeth, using state-of-the-art laser equipment. The earlier the problem is detected, the easier it is to treat, and the less expensive the treatment!

At Zircomed Dental, we perform complex prophylactic and curative treatments, such as:

  • treatment of acute and chronic gingivitis
  • treatment of periodontal abscess
  • gingival curettage
  • gingivectomy
  • flap and gingival graft surgery
  • root amputation and premolarization
  • teeth immobilization treatments
  • occlusal balancing
  • treatment of medium and deep periodontal pockets with bone augmentation and collagen membrane
  • antibacterial vaccine with NEY PULPIN
  • PRP plasma infiltrations

Don’t let these problems get worse, our experienced dentists are waiting for you for a dental check-up and they are ready to offer you all the advice and treatments needed.

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