Dental consultation

We invite you for a dental check up

We have been in the role of the patient, and we know how many thoughts, worries and questions you have before going to the dentist. But together, we will find a way for all these worries to disappear, so that you can benefit from the personalized dental treatment you need.

The dental consultation is in fact the starting point in establishing a correct diagnosis and creating a treatment scheme that meets your needs.

If it is your first dental check-up in our clinic, we will fill in together a medical record with details about the dental treatments you have followed in the past and other details about your health, medical record in which we will mention all the dental treatments you undertake in our dental office.

What next? A discussion with the dentist and the actual examination of the oral cavity. Based on this oral clinical examination, the dentist will establish a treatment plan with all the necessary dental work and treatments, that fits your needs.

The dental check up at Zircomed Dental

The dental check-up at Zircomed Dental starts with a talk with the dentist, an opportunity for you to mention the reasons why you called for an appointment, what dental treatments you followed in the past and (if necessary) other details about your health. The purpose of this talk is both to offer the dentist information regarding your medical history and to relax, once you arrived in the dental office for that most wanted healthy smile.

After this discussion, your doctor will evaluate your dental situation using an intra oral camera to determine exactly what problems need attention and treatment.

Following this examination, the dentist will draw up a treatment plan, meaning all the dental work but also all the necessary treatments needed to achieve the desired result – remedying all your dental problems and preventing their aggravation.

Why choose Zircomed Dental?

To be able to offer our patients the highest standards dental treatments, we have added state-of-the-art treatment systems to the professionalism and dedication of our doctors.

The dental units help us carry out the treatments at the highest standards and offer ergonomics both for the dentists and for the patients of our clinic. Attached to the dental unit there is an intra oral camera that facilitates the examination of the patient, the situation in the oral cavity and the treatment plan drawn up by the dentist.

The safety of our patients is highly important to us so the sterilization of the instruments is done with the help of an autoclave. The electronic system monitors the sterilization process and its parameters are constantly checked. In a treatment session but also in a consultation we use only disposable bibs, glasses, needles, gloves, masks and mouthwashes.

Whether you are on your first visit to our clinic or you have been our patient for a long time, you will be treated with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. Following the dental check up, we offer you all the details of your case, the necessary solutions as well as the costs.

Visit us and you will have a pleasant experience on the dental chair.

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