Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry – for the balance of your denture

Our teeth are just like a business card for many of us. A smile, accompanied by a glance, is one of the sincerest way of communication and it can convey many feelings.

Prosthodontics is the dental branch which handles dental restoration, in the case empty spaces appear between your teeth or one or many teeth have been lost. The final purpose of prosthetic treatments consists of the restoration of the functional and aesthetic balance of your denture.

Prosthetic dentistry does not mean just aesthetics, but also the restoration of the normal functioning of your teeth. Thus, depending on your situation,

Zircomed Dental recommends one of the following solutions:

Dental prosthesis: fixed or removable, partial or total;

  • Veneers;
  • Crowns;
  • Bridges;
  • Inlays;
  • Complex works on dental implants;

The dental prosthesis also means the reconstruction of the functions of the affected teeth. For this, we use new materials such as zirconium, pressed ceramics or feldspar ceramics.

Prosthetic treatment at Zircomed Dental

Our prosthetics will help you to:

  • rebuild your teeth affected by various unaesthetic changes
  • regain your old smile if you have one or more missing teeth
  • regain the health of your teeth lost after deficiencies in the formation of tooth enamel
  • get whiter teeth in case of dental staining that cannot be remedied by whitening treatments

Regardless of the situation of your smile, we are ready to look with you for the best solutions in order to obtain the smile you dream of.

If your teeth are not balanced from an aesthetic and functional point of view, we recommend that you visit us for a diagnosis and a treatment plan for dental prosthetics.

Do you want a lasting and natural reconstruction of your teeth? Contact us!